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About Us

I spent my childhood surrounded by gemstones, and from this very early experience comes my passion for creating unique and memorable jewellery.”

A family tradition that comprises almost 100 years, extracting stones from nature and giving them shape and brilliance before presenting its individual energy to the world

Caciana Giovanella is the founder and designer of Giovanella Jewellery. She grew up in the south of Brazil, a country well-known for its unparalleled natural resources, including a great variety of beautiful gemstones.

Her grandfather owned and operated a small mine. This expertise and devotion in working with stones were passed through the generations, with Caciana’s father and brothers also working with the production and sale of these natural materials

In London, Caciana’s insights around gemstones met her creative impulse, and she started designing a few bracelets at her own house. Soon these creations become a huge success among friends and friends of friends. At that moment, Giovanella Jewellery was born, an e-commerce business that believes in democratising the access to the secret power of gemstones.

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