Agate Jasper Necklace Gold


Product Material:
Agate, Jasper, Tiger Eye, Turquoise
Gold Finish
46cm / 18 inch
About Turquoise
About Turquoise
Gemstone: Turquoise
Improves meditation, circulation and peace of mind, having great healing power. A symbol of the sea and sky, the sea speaks of the depth of the soul and the sky speaks of unlimited ascent. It is believed that when using turquoise, it stimulates friendship, love, luck, healing and protection
About Tiger Eye
Gemstone: Tiger Eye
Stone that attracts protection and healing prosperity. It is also used as a stimulus for artistic creativity. It helps to make the paths clearer and the obstacles less complicated. It can be used to facilitate meditation, as it allows a connection with your higher self.
About Jasper
About Jasper
Gemstone: Jasper
jasper stone offers support and strength during stressful periods. Considered a nurturing stone - which nourishes, heals and unifies areas of life, brings stability and balance. It alleviates disharmony in people and the environment, and emanates strong energy from the earth element.