Spring Summer Collection COLLECTION

Amazonia Nature Agate Necklace


Product Material:
Agate, Carnelian, Jasper
Gold Finish
Adjustable, 46cm / 18 inch
About Jasper
About Jasper
Gemstone: Jasper
jasper stone offers support and strength during stressful periods. Considered a nurturing stone - which nourishes, heals and unifies areas of life, brings stability and balance. It alleviates disharmony in people and the environment, and emanates strong energy from the earth element.
About Carnelian
About Carnelian
Gemstone: Carnelian
Carnelian is an excellent stone for eliminating physical and mental fatigue, favouring success in all areas of life and protecting us against envy and negative forces. Strengthens Health, attracts positivity to Life and also attracts Success and Prosperity.
About agate
About agate
Gemstone: Agate
What is the benefit of agate stone? Image result for benefits of agate stone Agates are stones connected to the earth, with great energy balance that help to achieve physical healing and protection. This is due to their energies being anchored by Yin and Yang forces. Therefore, it calms our emotions and instantly improves the energies of the environment.